What is robotic surgery and what are the benefits?

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Dr. Gaudencio Olgin
Minimally Invasive and Robotic Urology
Chair and Director, Robotics Program at DHR Health

The field of robotics has revolutionized the field of surgery. While your surgeon is always in control, it is a specialized technology that enhances his or her capabilities. The use of robotics in surgery has significantly improved patient care by providing more precise and less invasive procedures, reducing recovery time, and minimizing risks. Robotics uses advanced computer technology that assists surgeons in performing complex procedures with greater accuracy and control.

One of the major advantages of robotic surgery is its precision. Robotic systems can move with greater accuracy and consistency than human hands alone, providing more precise movements in the surgical site while allowing surgeons to perform procedures with greater precision.

Robotic surgery is also less invasive than traditional open surgery. With robotic surgery, smaller incisions are made, reducing the amount of tissue that needs to be cut or removed. This minimally invasive approach to surgery results in less bleeding, less pain, and a shorter recovery time for the patient.

The use of robotics in surgery has also reduced the risks associated with surgical procedures, such as less risk of infection, bleeding, and other complications, which leads to improved patient outcomes. This technology allows patients to recover more quickly and return to their daily activities sooner.

Robotic systems also provide surgeons with better visualization of the surgical field. With high-definition cameras and magnified images, surgeons can see the surgical site in greater detail, allowing for more precise movements and better decision making during the procedure, especially in narrow working spaces.

At DHR Health, we are committed to the best patient experience in every aspect and have made a substantial investment in resources to continue to meet–and exceed–national standards for our robotics program. We have been awarded the multispecialty Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery distinction by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC). This was

developed to recognize surgeons and facilities worldwide performing quality robotic surgeries by achieving defined standards for patient safety and care quality. We are honored to serve the community at the highest level of medical advancement with our comprehensive, multidisciplinary team of distinguished surgeons offering services in urology, general surgery, bariatric surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecology, and colorectal surgery.

Talk to your primary care physician about referring you to one of our robotic surgeons. For more information about the services offered at DHR Health, please call (956) DOCTORS or visit our website at dhrhealth.com.

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