Valley football fans share reaction on the Big Game

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The big game drew in a massive viewership and fans all around the Rio Grande Valley were rooting for their favorite team.

Before the big game could even begin, Valley businesses had to do their best to prepare for the massive influx of customers coming through their doors.

“It’s been hectic, but it’s been awesome really the city they’re showing up and they’re showing out that’s for sure,” Owner of Renya’s BBQ and Cocina Zeke Reyna said.

Reyna says his team had to order extra food and that includes their most wanted item for the big game - wings!

However, Reyna says throughout all of the hustle in making sure they have the much-needed supplies, it is was important to create an atmosphere for loved ones to enjoy.

“It’s Sunday their families are together making sure we’re serving everyone with a smile, making sure we’re serving them at a good pace that allows them to sit down and have a good meal and enjoy their time here with their loved ones,” Reyna said.

Our ValleyCentral stopped at Raíces on E. Harrison in Harlingen where it was 49ers nation.

Fans like Edwin Gamez say cheering alongside the community and his family makes the game even more exciting.

“It’s fun. The atmosphere is great we’re here to have a great time you know watch the 49ers win like I said yeah it’s just a good time with the family,” Gamez said.

Down the highway at Wings and Rings, some fans come from a home of Dallas Cowboy’s fans but in this matchup they now stand alone.

“It’s been different for my parents, there all Cowboys fans but I grew up watching the 49ers." Villarreal goes on to say. “Oh they do but look at it now we’re here at the super bowl.”

We also found some Kansas City Chiefs fans who say they were just hoping for a victory.

“I grew up in Kansas City so when I came down here they are still my team win or lose they are my team,” Kansas City Chiefs fan Jill Guerra said.

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