Santa Rosa family reunites with their missing horse

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SANTA ROSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Santa Rosa family has reunited with their pet horse who went missing Wednesday afternoon.

The Bravo family searched for Nelly, their 3-year-old horse who escaped while walking around a family ranch property.

Soledad Bravo noticed her horse was missing after returning home from work to see a collapsed fence.

Nelly was no where to be found.

"We noticed that one of the fences was kind of down," Soledad Bravo said. "We think that's where she may have gone out."

Soledad told ValleyCentral her husband routinely feeds all the horses every morning before heading into town for the day.

"[Nelly] was there when [my husband] left," Soledad said. "I came around 5 p.m. after work and noticed that she wasn't around."

Soledad and her husband immediately began searching for Nelly until 10 p.m., the same day Nelly went missing.

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Nelly was missing for approximately 24 hours before she was found at a residence Thursday afternoon on San Felipo Road.

"A very nice lady there said her husband tied [Nelly] to a front tree incase someone was looking for her," Soledad said. "I'm so grateful they gave her water and took care of her and happy she's back home."

  • Courtesy of Soledad Bravo
  • Courtesy of Soledad Bravo
  • Courtesy of Soledad Bravo

The Bravo family believes Nelly was stretching over the fence while looking for a certain grass to eat when she escaped through the fence.

"They are picky eaters. There's so little grass around that I think they're looking to get that grass on the outside of the fence," Soledad said. "I think that's what it is."

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Sonny Ramos, a Livestock Officer for Cameron County reminds residents to report missing livestock.

"First thing first, call the Cameron County Sheriff's Office," Ramos said. "If we don't make contact with the owners or can't find the owners, the next step is to go out and pick them [livestock] up."

Livestock that have been picked up by Cameron County officials but have not been claimed by an owner will be posted online.

The Bravo family reminds horse owners to always love and care for their pet.

"As owners, we need to make sure that we protect them [horses]," Soledad said. "That begins with making certain the fencing is secure, providing them with food and water so they don't try to get out. These things need to be done regularly."

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