San Benito powerlifters gear up for state meet

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SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) -- The San Benito girls powerlifting team will be represented by a handful of lifters at the Texas High School Women's Powerlifting Championship Association (THSWPA) State Championships.

The five greyhounds headed to the state meet in held in Frisco are Alyssa Baker, Alyssa Nino, Hailey Galarza, Leandra Machuca and Jaslyn Estrella.

"I'm extremely proud of these girls," said San Benito girls powerlifting coach Greg Blanco. "They put in the work all year long. All summer long they had been coming in to weight conditioning. All credit goes to them."

Machuca and Estrella are heading to state as regional champions.

Estrella is a standout in the 242 lb. division.

"My squat is 515 (lbs.)," Estrella said. "My bench 270. My deadlift 425."

The senior standout's first full season was last year.

Estrella won a state championship.

She's one of the favorites to win again this year.

"I've been first for a very long time," Estrella said. "Haven't gotten a second place medal. I'm trying to keep it like that."

Estrella is the only San Benito girl to win a gold medal at state.

Machuca is looking to become the school's next state champ.

The junior is currently the top lifter in her division.

 "Yesterday I hit a 415 squat," said Machuca, who competes in the 132 lb. division. "I did a 225 bench and a 350 deadlift."

She finished fourth at state last year.

"Feeling the pressure because I can say I'm working hard, but I don't know what they're doing," Machuca said. "Yes, I'm number one, but I'm not thinking about right now. I'm just thinking about doing my numbers and try my best."

The state meet gets underway on Mar. 13.

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