Not received your tax refund yet?

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — With tax season over, some taxpayers have not yet received their tax refunds.

The Texas Taxpayer Assistance Project, a project of Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid Inc. said there are several reasons why your tax refund might be delayed. They want to let taxpayers know what they can do if their tax refund is delayed and how to track it.

Reveriano Torres with the Texas Taxpayer Assistance Project said, "One of the reasons people have not received their refunds is the IRS just needs additional information from the taxpayer in order process or tax return."

In other cases, the IRS believes the taxpayer is a victim of identity theft and other issues.

"Someone else used that taxpayer's information to file their tax return and basically, the IRS wants the taxpayer to verify their identity. Also could be the IRS has not received a W-2 in their computer systems or they believe a certain item on the taxpayer's return needs to be verified by an IRS worker," said Torres.

Torres also said if you filed your tax return by email or by paper expect a lot of delays. Because the IRS is still processing tax returns from last year, you will be waiting a while.

You can go to the IRS website. You will need your social security number, filing status, and the exact amount of your tax refund that you claim on your taxes.

In addition, call the Texas Taxpayer Assistance Project at (956) 996-8752

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