Commentary: Republicans, not Democrats, seek to hurt country

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This is in response to Imelda Coronado’s eloquent letter on Jan. 17. Imelda’s allegations about the current administration in America include communism, socialism and leftist anarchy while at the same time she supports Republicans who are dismissing the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection as a peaceful protest.

She alleges war against our own citizens with no evidence whatsoever. Under the Biden administration the stock market is at record highs, retail sales are soaring, mortgages are going down, gas prices are down.

It is Republicans who are waging war against our citizens. Republicans suppress minority voting, women’s rights, fight minimum wage increases, discriminate against LGBT citizens and support corporate welfare by providing subsidies for oil companies. In the United States, by some estimates taxpayers pay about $20 billion every year in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Under Donald Trump Republicans passed the biggest tax breaks for the wealthiest in history. Talk about laughing in the face of working citizens.

Ms. Coronado states we should educate our own children while Republicans fight against forgiving college loans, and giving our children “an education of godly and family values.” She says veterans aren’t being helped, repeating right-wing false propaganda. Veterans, both able and disabled, are being aided by VA by the millions. Just look around at the many disabled veteran license plates all over here in the Valley and these are just a fraction all veterans being helped by the VA.

About teachers, it’s Republicans who vilify teachers unions and never support them and keep their wages and benefits low, not Democrats.

While supporting a wannabe dictator who thinks he is above the law, Ms. Coronado refers to President Biden as a fuehrer who is dismantling our democracy. It is Trump who has disrupted the peaceful transfer of power, attacking a basic foundation of our Constitution and our democracy in his lust to stay in power. Trump has also said he wants the economy to crash before the election so he can blame President Biden. He cares more about being in power than he does about the country’s economy.

Next she says she wants to “save our future generations.” In reality, “destruction indoctrination” is what Republicans all over the country are trying to force on our children. Republicans want to erase parts of U.S. history because they don’t fit their radical right-wing propaganda. They are banning books, a historical fascist tactic. These were never an issue until the Trump-led radical right-wing MAGAs took over the once respected Republican Party. This is a prime example of a destructive indoctrination of keeping truthful information from its citizens.

“Endless tax debt,” she shouldn’t worry, the wealthiest are not being equally taxed like working people thanks to Trump and the GOP.

US President Donald Trump speaks at the Republican National Committee winter meeting at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC on February 1, 2018. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Teaching discrimination as Republicans are doing against those unlike yourself is far from godly, and directly against the teachings of Jesus.

Ms. Coronado writes about autocratic power, implying it’s the current administration doing it, while at the same time supporting Trump. Trump said he will not be dictator, “other than day one.” Trump has also been convicted in civil court of fraud, in other words ill-acquired wealth. Guilty of what Ms. Coronado is criticizing and accusing the left of doing.

Yes, it is true that everything good is possible when we help each other. But the Republicans she supports are against raising minimum wage, against free college and health care for everyone as is done in most other developed countries. Republicans in many states are making it harder for minorities to vote. Some are proposing to make it illegal to take water to voters standing line for long periods of time. This is a real example of fascist tactics, not just an empty allegation.

All allegations against anyone or any political party should include factual information to support the allegation. I believe I have done that in my letters.

Ms. Coronado’s letter includes many allegations, but doesn’t back them up with examples or evidence.

It has become a a political tactic of Republicans lead by Trump’s example to project on opponents what they themselves are guilty of. Ms. Coronado’s letter is a perfect example of this persistent right-wing propaganda that’s repeated over and over and over until the low-information public believes it. In a true democracy, the truth does matter.

Beto Conde lives in Rancho Viejo.

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