Brownsville City Commission wins top statewide award

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Brownsville City Commission has been named the 2024 City Council of the Year by the Texas City Management Association. 

TCMA is an organization of local government professionals dedicated to promoting the highest standards of governance, service, leadership, ethics, and education while embracing individual and regional diversity for the benefit of our membership and the cities of Texas.

TCMA gives the City Council of the Year award to the Texas city council or commission that has made significant contributions to its local governance and the community it serves.

TCMA said the selection of Brownsville’s city commission underscores its dedication to ethical governance, prioritization of the public welfare over personal and political agendas, effective policy making, financial prudence, support for professional development, and the fostering of harmonious relations among commission members. 

In addition, TCMA said the city commission’s unwavering commitment to enhancing community awareness and fostering positive community relations has set a benchmark for municipal leadership.

The Rio Grande Guardian International News Service asked Brownsville Mayor John Cowen, Jr., about the award during a recent interview in McAllen. 

“We are deeply honored to receive this recognition from TCMA. This award is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and collaborative spirit of our City Commissions. Together, we strive to create a transparent, responsive, and inclusive government that serves the best interests of all our residents.”

Asked why the award was given to Brownsville, Cowen said:

“Well, I think it’s because we represent everything they’re looking for in terms of a high-functioning commission, right? The committed to transparency, economic development, just good governance overall, and I think we were able to demonstrate all the projects that we’ve done, and just what we’ve done to improve local government. I think it’s a really, it’s quite an honor.”

Brownsville City Manager Helen Ramirez referenced the award in a recent press release.

“This remarkable achievement is a testament to the unwavering commitment, innovative leadership, and collaborative spirit our City Commission has demonstrated in steering our community towards excellence,” Ramirez said.

“Under their guidance, our City is experiencing an economic development boom, improved public service, and enhanced quality of life for all residents. We are proud of our City Commission, for their many accomplishments and grateful for their tireless efforts to advance our City forward.”

TMCA is a professional organization of local governments administrators and their affiliates dedicated to promoting the highest standards of governance, service, leadership, ethics, and education while embracing the diversity of Texas communities. 

Texas City Management Association’s annual conference will take place on South Padre Island from June 20-23.

Also in the video interview with the Guardian, Mayor Cowen spoke about the civiv leadership course he is currently undertaking at Harvard University, the possibility of merging the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation and the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation, and the growth occurring at the Port of Brownsville.

Here is the video interview:

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