Local filmmakers celebrate Pride Month with historical series - The Monitor

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In celebration of Pride Month, local filmmakers have created a series called “Drag HERstories” to not only preview their upcoming LGBTQ documentary, but also to shine a light on an unspoken history of the Rio Grande Valley. Co-directors Ronnie Garza and Gabriel Sanchez have been working on their documentary “Pansy Pachanga” for a little over two years. “Pansy Pachanga” covers about 50 years of LGBTQ history in the Valley. “During that time, we’ve had the privilege to interview some really amazing people with incredible stories,” Sanchez said. “We’re editing the final cut of the film, it’s almost done, but in that process there’s so many other great stories that we’ve come across and we just wanted to start sharing them with people to get people a little excited for the final version of the movie.” Read the full story at themonitor.com
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